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JULY 2016

“I rejoiced with those who said to me, ‘Let us go to the house of the Lord.’”   Psalm 122:1

Dear Fellow Worshippers of the Triune God,
            One of the most important places for God’s people is the house of worship in which they gather with fellow believers.  Regardless of denomination, most Christian churches have similar design and structure.  Did you ever wonder why that is?  Some of it has to do with historical practicality and some of it has to with theological symbolism.
            During this summer we are going to make some modest changes in the chancel area of our place of worship.  There are several reasons for this.  Part of the reason is that we are outgrowing our current chancel area.  This has to do with function. Another part is that we want to bring it a little closer to the symbolism of our Christian heritage and faith as Lutherans.  This has to do with form.  Over the next several months, the pastors will share some of the history and theological symbolism of our church structure, not only to help us appreciate our current place of worship all the more, but to help us all grow in knowledge of the proper form and function of church architecture and symbolism as we think about building our new church one day.
            In the Christian Worship Manual, Professor Tiefel of Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary writes, “A church building is for worship, for the intellectual and emotional interaction between the Bridegroom and his bride, between Christ and his Church.  The church comes to worship to serve God, and God is at worship to serve the church.  The church comes to pray, confess, sing, listen, and offer.  God comes in the Word and the sacraments, in water at baptism and in bread and wine at Holy Communion.  The worship space needs to allow believers to do what they do at worship and it needs to provide space for God to do what he does at worship.  Planners must take care that the design of the worship space does not hinder either the believers or God, but that the architecture, furnishings, and art encourage the interaction of Christ and the Church.” (p. 68.)
            When you think about a church in which believers gather for worship, there are two basic parts.  One part is the chancel and the other part is the nave.  The chancel is the front and focal point of the church.  It is in the chancel where God does what he does in the hour of worship—comes to his people through Word and sacrament.  The altar, the baptismal font, and the pulpit/ambo/lectern are the pieces of “furniture” that the church places in the chancel so that God can serve his people by those who are called to proclaim the Word and administer the sacraments. That is the function of the chancel.  The form (design) of the chancel needs to facilitate that function.  In other words, if the people can’t see or hear what’s going on in the front of the church or it’s too crowded for the pastors to function or too crowded for God’s people to come to be baptized or receive the Lord’s Supper, then the chancel needs to be changed.
            The other basic part of the church is the nave.  This is the space where God’s people participate in worship with their singing, listening, confessing, praying and praising.  That is the function of the nave.  The form or design of the nave needs to allow these functions to take place easily and naturally.  In other words, if the nave is designed in a way that people can’t see or hear what’s going on in the chancel or can’t easily move around to go to or come from the baptismal font or the communion table, the form has to be redesigned to facilitate those functions of the people in worship.
            It is for these reasons some minor changes are going to be made to the chancel area.  Its current form is beginning to hinder the function.  The changes will involve some rearranging of the altar, the baptismal font, and using an ambo (larger lectern) for the proclamation of the Word.  God-willing, there will also be an addition of a permanent Paschal Candle and a processional cross.
            In the coming issues of the church newsletter, information will be shared about historical form and function of those things in the chancel such as the altar, pulpit, lectern, and baptismal font, Paschal candle and processional cross.  In sharing this information we are not trying to engage in liturgical academics.  It is our prayer, that through this information, God’s people at St. Paul will appreciate all the more their place of worship where God comes with salvation through Word and sacrament and his people respond with the psalmist, “I rejoiced with those who said to me, ‘Let us go to the house of the Lord.’”

Serving You in Christ

Pastor McKenney

At the district convention this past month, Pastor McKenney was reelected as circuit pastor of our Lakeside Circuit.  Pastor Tomhave guided our teens at the WELS International Youth Rally in Fort Collins, Colorado at the end of June.

We join the following couples in thanking God for blessings received as they celebrate special (multiples of five years) wedding anniversaries this month.

Daryl & Kathleen Davis-Crawford

July 7

10 years

Todd & Donna Hackbarth

July 7

25 years

Delos & Ruth Behling

July 9

50 years

Bruce & Shelby Hahn

July 10

45 years

Jason & Rachel Schuetz           

July 14

15 years

Scott & Susan Filter

July 26

30 years

Ronald & Susan Schroedl

July 30

5 years

WILMA SCHMIDT departed this life on May 24 at the age of 95.  Her funeral was held on May 31.
ELISABETH BAUER entered life eternal on May 25 at the age of 92.  Her funeral was on June 12.
CHARLENE GERSTNER passed away on June 5 at the age of 60.  Her funeral was on June 9.

We pray that God’s comfort will be with their loved ones through his Word.

This spring a group of seven adults were received into membership by adult confirmation.  This month it is our privilege to introduce their families.  We welcome you to St. Paul, and may our fellowship together bring blessings!

BRIAN CRAMER grew up in Burlington, while CRYSTAL is a Lake Mills native.  Both attended UW-Whitewater, where Brian received a degree in operations management and Crystal majored in general business and minored in sociology.  Brian is a production supervisor for Standard Process in Palmyra and Crystal is an assistant with Laura Staude at Century 21.  They have three sons:  BRYCE, ready for first grade at St. Paul’s School; EVAN, age 4, a preschooler; and ALEX, age 1.  Brian’s special interest is cars.  The family likes to spend time outdoors, especially swimming.

TRICIA KUYKENDALL hails from Jefferson.  She works at Lake Mills Cleaners.  Tricia was recently married to JIM, who has been a member of St. Paul, joining his family that includes ALEK, entering grade 5 and ASHTON, who will be in grade 3, both at St. Paul’s School.  She also has a grown daughter.  Tricia enjoys bowling.

TERRY LEARNED grew up in Bradley, Illinois.  He received an associate degree in x-ray technology from Kankakee Community College and did further study in cardiology.  He is the head of nuclear medicine at Watertown Regional Medical Center.  His wife DAWN is a dispatcher for the Dodge County Sheriff’s Department and part-time with the Watertown Police Department.   Their older son JORDAN is a welder.  Son JUSTIN will be a sophomore at Lakeside and daughter LAUREN is going into 8th grade at St. John, Watertown.  The family looks forward to vacationing and boating.

KENNETH and DONNA STEFFAN are natives of Elgin, Illinois. They both attended Millikin University.  Ken also has a law degree from Loyola University.  After some years in the legal profession he entered teaching.  Donna’s work years were as a teacher and then with the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction.  They are now retired.  Their household includes granddaughter ALY, who will be a junior at Lakeside.  Ken enjoys reading, Donna is an avid gardener and Aly likes music and dance.

Summer brings longer hours of daylight to enjoy God’s blessings outdoors.  Families often take vacations during these months.  As we bask in the physical goodness of our Lord, let us also remember his greatest gifts, those of forgiveness for our sins, peace with God and eternal life in heaven.  May we show our gratitude with faithful worship and with generous gifts for the work of his kingdom!  Listed below are offerings of recent weeks for our general operating budget.  Average weekly needs in the fiscal year just ended were $21,323.  In the new budget cycle they will be $23,110.  The figures for May 29 include electronic gifts from the month of May.

The church council recently met and determined that we have sufficient funds to meet our full commitments to WELS and Lakeside for the fiscal year just ended.  All praise to God!  By taking that action we will not have a large balance to carry over into July (especially with the increase in offerings needed in our new budget), so we ask our members to take special note of the importance of continuing to support the work of the Lord also during these summer weeks.

May 29


June 5


June 12


June 19


June 26


Also received during those weeks were gifts of $10,493 for the Building Fund (Bountiful Blessings), $570 for the Improvement Fund, $138 for Tuition Assistance, $1,010 for the Youth Rally, $388 for moving expenses, $60 for Vacation Bible School, $380 for a lawn mower, $17,600 for One in Christ and $9,241 for Good News Lutheran Church in Mt. Horeb.

We acknowledge with gratitude several gifts recently received giving thanks to God for blessings on special occasions.

For the Building Fund (Bountiful Blessings): 
In honor of the 57th wedding anniversary of RONALD & CAROLYN KOENIG, $57.
In honor of the 60th wedding anniversary of MERLIN & ROSE PFEIFER, $60.
From THRIVENT CHOICE donors, $9,628.

Toward a paschal candle and presentation cross, in honor of the 48th wedding anniversary of STEVEN & BONNIE SPENCER, $500.

This year’s WELS Night at the Brewers is Friday, July 29.  Game time is 7:10 p.m.  The Pittsburgh Pirates will provide the opposition.  WELS members will be seated together and receive a discount on tickets.  Field Outfield Box seats are $21, Loge Outfield Box seats are $17 and Terrace reserved are $9.  You may order them personally, but if we have a group order of 20 tickets you do not need to pay handling charges.  To be included on the group order sign up at church by July 9.

Lakeside Lutheran High School has an employment opportunity for a Part-time Food Service position: 22-28 hours per week during the school year. Get details & application form through the news link at llhs.org 

Did you know? Our Facebook page shares great finds at the store!  Recent posts have shown the fabulous selection of children’s toys and games, housewares like beautiful glass sets, even furniture. You don’t even need a Facebook account to find us on the web at <facebook.com/TiNresale>. Check us out, and then also find us in Jefferson at 907 W. Racine Street , next to the Piggly Wiggly. Call 920-674-6868 with questions.
Donate: Having a rummage sale? Keep us in mind when you’re finished – our donation drop off hours include every day the store is open, from 9 AM - 4:30 PM.
Volunteer:  Megan Happel  from St. Paul is among the new volunteers.  Summer is a great time to come in and explore the possibility of volunteering -- we truly need your help.  Lakeside students are also welcome.

The WELS Historical Institute is hosting a bus tour of historic Lutheran church buildings in the Milwaukee area on Friday, August 5, 2016, from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. The cost is $50.00 per person and lunch is included. The tour will begin at Salem on 107th Street and include visits to Grace (Broadway and Juneau), St John (8th St. and Vliet), Trinity (9th St. and Highland Ave.), and Trinity (in Freistadt).  The tour is limited to the first 55 who register. Advanced reservations and payment is required by August 1. To register and for more information visit www.welshistory.org, or contact Dr. Joel Pless at joel.pless@wlc.edu  or (414) 443-8930.

On Sunday, July 10 at 1 PM we will gather as many volunteers as possible at church and set out to hand VBS and school flyers on as many doors in Lake Mills as possible. No skill needed but to hand a plastic bag on a door. Plan on a few hours of walking with a root beer float at the end. There is a sign up sheet on the table near the library so we can plan our numbers. Pray for this outreach effort!

On Sunday, August 7th, after church we will be hosting the community for our church picnic. We will be following a western flavor based on the VBS theme - Circle J Ranch. This is the perfect event for friend or neighbor to join us!
Also, from 12-4 PM we will be hosting our Annual Cruise-In. Bring your classic cars to put on display. We have placed flyers at various events and look forward to a lot full of collector cars!

Thanks to Meals on Wheels drivers Judy & Roger Mundt (2), Marianne Hafenstein, Vi Topel, Jan McFarlane, Marie Mertz, and Tara Topel.  If you would like to volunteer, contact Darlene Meyers, 648-5436.

Lake Mills Senior Dining serves a delicious noon meal Monday-Friday in the Lake Mills City Hall.  Reservations are required one day in advance by calling 920-648-2919 between the hours of 10 am and 12 noon.  Suggested donation is $3.75 for those who are 60 plus years old.

Circle J Ranch is being held August 1-5 from 8:45-11:45. We need ranchers going into 3k-6th grade to invite their friends, relatives, and neighbors to come and Join Rancher Ray and Rancher Rebecca on an adventure trail ride through God’s Saving Word!

We also need teens and adults to help with games, crafts, skits, and Bible stories. Even if you can spare only an hour, we can use your help.  Please consider using your talents to serve the Lord and others.  Please be sure to sign up by July 15th to assure efficient planning!

Sign up forms for registration and volunteering can be found in the lobby, or you can sign up online at stpaullakemills.org/vbs.html.  If you have any questions about registration, contact Michelle Storlie at 920-222-4349.  Questions about volunteering, contact Tara Topel at 920-605-0112 or tara.topel@gmail.com.

Church Picnic Music St. Paul’s church picnic will be held on Sunday, August 7. The outdoor worship service is at 10:00 am. We would like to arrange some special instrumental music for that service.

Church Picnic Band is looking for instrumentalists (band/orchestra) to form an ensemble that will accompany the service. The music is in hymn-form and not difficult to play. Experienced youth, high school, and adults are encouraged to sign up. Here is your opportunity to get out your band instrument and play again!
If you are willing to get on the “band wagon,” please sign up on the sheet in the lobby and indicate which instrument you play. You can also email (loismckenney@gmail.com) or call/text (920-988-0177) Mrs. McKenney to sign up. You will find music in folders on the sign-up table in the lobby.

Practices will be held between services (9:05-9:55) on Sundays, July 24 and 31 in the gym and at 9:05 am before the service begins on August 7. If you have any questions, please speak with Mrs. McKenney.

During the month of July, St. Paul Church in Fort Atkinson will be having special Recitals (“Recitals on the Hill”) during lunchtime on Thursdays 12:15-12:45pm in their Church Sanctuary.  Admission is free and you are welcome to bring your lunch.  Invite your friends and family!

July 7     Dr. Wade Woelfle    Organ Recital
July 14   Erin and Jon Laabs   Voice Recital
July 21   John Kanter              Organ Recital
July 28   Resounding Brass    Brass Recital

Dear St. Paul Members,

What a privilege it has been to serve our Lord in the public ministry for 44 years and 35 of those years here at St. Paul. God has truly blessed me richly to be able to work with so many children and members of our congregation.

I want to say THANK YOU for a most wonderful church service celebrating my retirement—What an awesome choir, encouraging sermon, and special video!   I was amazed to see all the people that attended the service on Sunday and have appreciated the personal words of thanks and the many cards and gifts given to me—thanks so much.  Ginny and I both are looking forward to the trip to Camden Maine, a favorite place we had visited years ago. Thank you so very much to everyone who made all this happen. 

With heartfelt appreciation—Love in Jesus,
Ron Glock